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Cubicles by our office design company in Burlingame are efficient and effective furniture to allow each staff to focus and do their best at work. They come in many different sizes and have an array of features for different workspaces. The first cubicles in history were designed to give each employee a private and autonomous space each day while accommodating an open floor plan for a cohesive working environment. Here is everything you need to know about cubicles and their different types.

What are office cubicles?

These partial enclosures offer a semi-private workspace and have panels with different configurations to accommodate each personal space. Some cubicles can accommodate one staff, while others are big enough for two or three.

Businesses have many options when choosing the best-used office furniture stores in Burlingame. To find one with just the proper finishing and style, you have to compare all the different features, sizes, storage styles, and electrical connections.  Burlingame used office cubicles are that businesses have to know what they need in their office environment because there are too many options.

Choosing an office cubicle

  • Creativity – The answer to the amount of creativity you need in your office will determine which kind of cubicles you need.
  • Privacy – Some cubicles have high-walled divisions to divide the space into personal portions or the opposite to promote collaborations and discussions.
  • Space – Some staff members need a little more space for their working tools than others. An example is the financial analyst could use two or there desktops; hence you need a more extensive desk for all of them.
  • Employee turnover – Employees are likely to stay in the office if they appreciate the working space. We suggest getting the spacious office desks to encourage overtime in workplaces like the call center or tech start-up.

Most common cubicle styles

Have you given thought to the style and design you want in your office cubicle? The height and size depend on all the factors mentioned above and how you wish to organize the workplace. The most common designs for new and used office cubicles for sale in Burlingame are the following:

  • Call center – These cubicles are ideal for each employee to have a personal working space with minimal working tools. A typical application of the cubicle is, as the name suggests, a call center.
  • Standard – These cubicles are spacious and have an array of arrangement styles. Typically, the space will allow the addition of an office chair, cabinets, and office tools.
  • Modular – The cubicle has more privacy than most, with high walls or solid panels to separate the spaces. It is more common in work areas like financial, medical, or consultation companies.

As stated earlier, all these cubicles have different eights depending on the office culture. The best-used office furniture in Burlingame comes in many different personal styles to match different personalities; hence you must scan our entire collection to find the best one.

Where to buy office cubicles? Top Dawg is ready to take you through all the different types in the current stock when you call our toll-free line at 1-877-486-7394 or contact us online.


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