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Why Choose Furniture Made From Oak vs. Other Woods

You have a lot of good things that could be said about wood furniture. If you are looking for handmade wood furniture, you not only have a lot of different options for the different pieces you can get and the different styles, but you also have a vast assortment of different woods that you can choose from.

Each different type of wood has its own characteristics that can make it good for different applications, and there are many different types of wood that can be good for making furniture. That said, there are few woods than can compete with oak when it comes to making quality furniture. In this post, we are going to take a closer look at some of the qualities that help to make oak one of the best woods for making furniture.

It’s strong and durable

One reason for oak’s popularity is that it is strong and durable. It is about three times harder than pine. American red oak has a density of about 45 lb/ft3 and American white oak has a density of about 47 lb/ft3. This makes for a wood that is very strong and durable, and that means that it is resistant to many of the forms of damage that can be common in other types of wood. A piece of oak furniture can stand up to years of use and still look good, and with a little bit of care, pieces made from oak have the potential to last for generations.

It looks good

Oak is a very attractive wood. It’s the reason you will see some furniture that is made with a cheaper wood that is covered by an oak veneer. People want the look of oak, but they don’t always want to pay for it. People like the nice open grain pattern that is found on oak, and they also like the shading that you can find in the different varieties of oak. All it needs is a nice stain, and oak looks good without a heavy finish.

It is water resistant

Oak can handle exposure to moisture better than many other types of woods. That is one of the reasons why it was a popular wood for shipbuilding. This means that oak is less likely to experience problems with warping. Along with that, oak also deals well with changes to temperature. Less expanding and contracting means that objects made from oak have a tendency to maintain their integrity longer.

It’s not to say that there are not other woods out there that can be good for furniture; oak just has qualities that make it better than many other woods. It is a strong wood that can deal well with tough conditions, it has an attractive look, it stains well and when a piece of oak furniture is made by a skilled craftsman, it will last a long time.