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Copiers in NYC do not need to ruin your cash flow. With average models costing more than $10000 and regular maintenance running at a nearly equal price, your company will benefit from the no hassle contracts from Legends Business Group, Inc.

What is the average cost of a copier?

New copiers are expensive. The standard model may cost between $14000 and $35100. Intense usage will eventually wear down and break at least one of the 10000 parts in your machine.

Copiers are bulky and similarly priced by all trusted brand. This cost will barely differ between Ricoh, Canon, and IBM.

Canon copiers

Canon copiers bring decades of imaging quality to copying and printing. The maker of some of the worlds most advanced digital cameras provides their knowledge in the business space.

Multifunctional copiers manufactured by Canon offer copying, printing, scanning, and faxing with high speed. Prices fall between $19000 and $29000 with leases averaging $600 per month. In return, you obtain a machine with advanced features, an easy to use interface, individualizable settings, security, and 1200 dpi.

What is DPI?

DPI stands for pixels per inch. A higher DPI means obtaining higher quality prints.

Cheaper copy machines have lower DPI than their more expensive counterparts. Low end copiers have a rating as low as 600 DPI which greatly impacts even print documents.

How much should I expect to spend on copier maintenance?

Once you choose a copier, maintenance is a necessity. Companies expect you to pay for repairs even when leasing.

There are several costs related to repairs. The initial cost just to have a repairman arrive can be $150. Parts run between $1000 and $10000. Some companies upcharge for parts in addition to service. Legends Business Group, Inc. does not create additional costs for parts.

Is it cost-effective to lease office equipment?

Considering the initial costs, repairs, and the eventual need for a replacement, leasing may be more feasible for your business. This is especially true if you plan to print hundreds or thousands of pages periodically.

Renting for short period of time or with a defined maintenance contract helps control costs. The impact equipment has n your business is not small considering that the full price of a new copier is as high as an entire yearly entry-level salary.

Where can I find copier repair in NYC?

Finding a copier repair service needs to be simple. Legends Business Group, Inc. offers up-front pricing and reliable service.

Our firm does not upcharge for parts. Every cost is known to our customers, a fact that kept us in business for decades.

Copiers in NYC

Legends Business Group, Inc. makes owning or leasing office equipment easy. Our expert field engineers, no hassle contracts, and known expenses allow you to plan and understand your entire cost structure.

Businesses thrive when they have the right equipment at the right prices. We work on almost any brand. If you need service, get in touch with our experts today. When looking to purchase, browse our online catalog.

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