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Country Style vs. Queen Anne Style Oak Furniture

Oak is a great wood for furniture due to its durability, but one of the other features that makes it popular among furniture makers and consumers is that it is very versatile. When you go shopping for oak furniture, you have a wide variety of different styles to choose from.

Two of the most popular oak furniture styles are the Queen Anne Style and the Country Style. Shoppers can find quality pieces from both styles, but there are some significant differences. Each of these styles is distinctly different, and they lend themselves to different types of interior design choices.

Country Style

Country Style furniture models its designs on the furniture that was used by early American settlers. If you were to go furniture shopping, you would probably find a very large selection of pieces in this design style. Most of the idea behind the design of country furniture is to create pieces that have comfortable, homey sort of feel. While this style originated in areas of the country that were being newly settled, it is very popular for suburban homes.

While there are a variety of design choices that can be made when building a piece of Country oak furniture, there are some basic features that help to define this style. Most Country Style pieces will have straight, rounded legs. It is also common to find edge work on the tops of tables and on drawer fronts. Most pieces that are true to the design style will have very little ornamentation if any. When a furniture maker chooses to design a piece in the Country Style, part of the decision is that they want to highlight the quality of the material and the workmanship that went into making the piece.

Queen Anne Style

The Queen Anne Style dates back to the early 1700s and it enjoyed great popularity for about a century. While it may not be as popular as it once was, it has never fallen out of favor with furniture makers and buyers, and it is still among the most popular today. It is a good style for a home that is going for a more classic interior design, and it is especially popular for homes that are built with Victorian Style architecture.

When you choose to go with Queen Anne Style oak furniture, you are going for a more elegant interior design. These pieces have nice curved lines that give the furniture an almost graceful appearance. Some of the distinctive features include the cabriole legs and the pad feet. You might find some ornamentation on Queen Anne pieces, but most furniture makers want to focus on the lines of the design. This is another style where the quality of the workmanship and the materials really stand out.