If you have been looking for high quality, solid oak furniture I am sure you have learned what so many others have discovered, those pieces are not easy to find. In the past it was as simple as driving to your local furniture store where you would encounter a vast selection of oak furniture from a multitude of USA furniture manufacturers. However, as stated, those days are past. The majority of those factories are gone, many others were forced to relocate overseas. There are not many of us left. Some of us had to do major downsizing in order to survive. Some of us, as we downsized, decided to re-focus on offering a limited product line. As we limited our product line we were able to concentrate on producing very high quality furniture with exceptional customer service. With that quality of product and service we were able to gather a very loyal customer base. As a small company, it can be difficult to compete online with the big box stores. It can be hard for you, the consumer, to find one of us online.

However, you are one of the lucky ones. You found one. You have found The Oak Furniture Shop!

The Oak Furniture Shop began in my basement in 1981, driven by a love and desire to build quality oak furniture. For the first 25 years I marketed my product to retail stores with quite a bit of success. In 2007 I launched my first online store to offer my work to the general public. Today, The Oak Furniture Shop has downsized to a one man operation. Every step of your purchase is handled by me personally to ensure the very best for you. Not what I had envisioned 30 some years ago, but I love every moment of it.

I have done my best to make this site easy to navigate. You will find my Oak TV Stands category. Clicking on that you can find your custom made TV Stand by choosing differing widths or by style. I also specialize in a great selection of Oak Corner TV Stands for flat screens, again giving you sub-categories to narrow your search.

My business started, so many years ago, with Oak Living Room Tables. We also have a wide selection of solid oak coffee table sets. My favorites are the mission oak coffee tables with matching oak end tables and oak sofa tables.

My most recent designs are Solid Oak Computer Desks with matching Solid Oak Lateral Filing Cabinets.

If you would like to meet me and take a quick tour of my shop, go to How It’s Made. Any questions, any way I can assist you, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Bring home the quality and craftsmanship of handmade custom oak furniture from The Oak Furniture Shop!