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Difference between oak sofa table and oak coffee table

Oak living room furniture can look good in just about any home. Oak is one of the best woods for making furniture, and you have a lot of options for the style and design of oak furniture. When you look for oak living room furniture, you will find that you have a number of different tables that can be used as a part of your living room décor. For people that are interested in oak living room furniture, here are some of the differences between oak coffee tables and oak sofa tables.


One of the key differences between coffee tables and sofa tables is their intended placement. Both of these pieces of furniture are intended to work with the sofa, but their placement is different. With a coffee table, you have a piece of furniture that is intended to be placed in front of the sofa. With a sofa table, the intended placement is for them to be behind the sofa. Since sofa tables take a position behind the couch, it means that they only work with couches that are not positioned against a wall. Usually, they would be used with sofas that rest with the back facing an entrance to the room. That way, you can access the table as you enter the living room.

Intended Use

Coffee tables and sofa tables also have a different purpose. An oak coffee table would sit in front of the sofa and it would be used for items people may use when they are sitting on the sofa. You would rest things like beverages, coasters, your remote and magazines on the coffee table. The sofa table rests behind the sofa, and it is intended for things that a person is less likely to need when they are sitting on the sofa. People use sofa tables to hold things like decorations, books, magazines and other items that may be useful in the living room, but are less likely to be needed at any given time.


Due to the difference in placement and function, oak sofa tables and coffee tables have different dimensions. Both types of tables are long, and they are both intended to be centered with the sofa. While both would be somewhat narrow in width, coffee tables tend to be a little bit wider. The height is where you would see the most noticeable difference in dimension. Coffee tables are intended to be low to make them easy to access in front of a person sitting on the sofa. Since sofa tables rest behind the sofa, they rise a little higher to make the top accessible for a person reaching over the sofa.

With both sofa tables and oak coffee tables, you have a wide range of different style options. You can find them both in popular styles like Queen Anne, Mission and Country, and they can also come with different features. You can find oak sofa tables and coffee tables that have a simple design with just the surface on the top, and there are also designs that incorporate drawers and other storage options.