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Difference Between TV stands & TV Credenzas

What is the difference between a TV stand and a TV Credenza?

The modern home is very likely to have a large HD television and several components that connect to the TV. There is a good chance that it will have a box for cable service, a sound system, a DVD player and a gaming console. With all of these components and the accessories and parts that come with them, you need a nice way to store and showcase this equipment.

The piece of furniture that you choose for a TV can play an important role in the overall décor of the room and it will also make a major difference for how neat and clean this area looks. For the housing of an entertainment center, the modern consumer will have various options. Among these choices, you can select between getting a TV stand or a TV credenza.

For many people, anything that they put their TV on is a TV stand, and it is okay to call a TV credenza a TV stand. However, there are some differences and understanding these differences can be helpful when you go shopping for furniture.

One of the more noticeable differences is that a TV stand is going to be a little taller than a TV credenza. This can make a stand a little bit of a better option for a TV that is in a bedroom. The increase in height will make it a little easier to see the screen when you are lying down in bed.

Another difference is in the shelving. The TV credenza takes its design from the classical credenza furniture piece. These were cupboard pieces for the dining room or kitchen that had a flat top for serving and cabinets for storage. With a TV credenza, you usually get more shelving and storage solutions. This generally makes them the better option for entertainment centers that have a lot of components. With a credenza, you can store more of these parts and it will be easier to keep things neat.

Another point is in the materials. If you go shopping for a TV stand, you will find models that are made of all sorts of materials with wood being one of them. For many furniture makers, solid wood is considered the proper material for a credenza of any sort. Now, the TV credenza may have glass doors or metal hardware, but the construction of the piece will usually be made from solid wood. However, there are some pieces that are made from glass or wood that, due to the shape and design, could be described as a TV credenza.

In many ways, TV credenzas could be considered a subgroup of TV stands. That is how it generally works in the common language. Whether it is online or at a furniture store, when you go shopping for a TV stand, the selection that is shown to you will probably include both traditional TV stands and TV credenzas. The important thing is to know which one will suit your needs better and to select one that is big enough and strong enough to hold your television.

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