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History of Classic Country Style Furniture

When you go shopping for furniture that is made from solid oak, one of the styles that you are sure to encounter is the Classic Country design. Modern furniture that goes by the Classic Country design is made to follow the furniture styles of early Americans that lived in less urban areas. The simple design gives it a more of a homey, comfortable feel to it and it is an essential element for any home that wants a country décor.

The Country design style goes back to when Americans were pushing westward and settling new territories on the continent. These settlers needed furniture, but they did not have access to the fine furniture makers that were constructing pieces for their city-dwelling contemporaries. The first pieces of furniture that they had were very simple and essentially just pieces that served the functional purpose, with very little thought to form and ornamentation.

After these places were settled, woodworkers with more skill started to enter the scene and these simple country styles of the time began to get more refined. While function remained the main focus, these more skilled artisans started to add some elements of style and form to the pieces. Style elements that started to appear during this time were the rounded legs and edge profiling on things like tabletops and drawer fronts.

In its earliest days, country furniture also tended to be painted. However, the trend toward polished furniture began to move west from the more settled east and furniture makers were influenced by this design choice. Over time, the stained finish became more common in the Country style and it is today what most people come to expect when they shop for furniture of this style.

Country style furniture is great for any place that wants a classic home-style kind of feel to it. Though there are some differences, today’s Country style furniture does take many of its design principles from the old country styles used in the homes of the American pioneers that settled the West. While it is an element that is associated with the Country style of interior design, the simplicity of the pieces can make them a fit for a range of different interior styles. As a consumer, you can find cheap factory pieces that are made from particleboard, but if you want the truest representation of Country furniture, then you have to go with pieces that are handcraft from solid wood.

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