Hot tub spa can add up to your energy bill. But one thing on the mind of most hot tub spa owners will be how to keep energy costs down to a minimum. There are different ways you can save money on your hot tub. In this post, we will provide tips that will help any owner reduce their hot tub energy consumption.

  1. Keep it covered

 Spa covers are an essential part of maintaining an energy-efficient hot tub. Covering your hot tub spa is not only your number one defense in keeping heat from escaping, but it will also keep water from evaporating, Although, many spas have insulated shells that prevent heat loss, most of the heat will still go out if not covered. Using a spa cover when the hot tub is not in use will minimize the loss of water as well as the loss of heat.

  1. Use a thermal blanket

The cost of getting a thermal blanket for your spa is small, but the return is high. Just like a cover, adding a thermal blanket to the surface of your hot tub water is beneficial. Thermal covers keep evaporation down by up to 95% and keep the heat. As an added benefit, it also keeps chemical and moisture buildup off. 

  1. Adjust your settings

The settings on your hot tub are a useful energy conservation tool. Check if your hot tub unit has a “standby” or “economy” mode that will allow your hot tub to be cooler to save energy. Most spas are programmed to run at 104°, which use much more power to sustain this higher heat. Setting your hot spa at a lower temperature, like 101° to102° will reduce your overall energy consumption.  

  1. Use the vacation mode

Turn the thermostat down or turn it off entirely to save energy if you’re leaving on vacation or you know that you aren’t likely to use your hot tub anytime soon. If you have freezing weather, it’s recommended to turn the thermostat down because some heating must continue, so the water doesn’t freeze and harm your pipes.

  1. Programming your filtration cycles

All tubs need to filter water to remove contaminants as well as keep the water safe to use. While this process is important, it increases your energy bills. Fortunately, most modern hot tubs allow you to have some degree of control and power over their filtration cycles. This control should be based on your use so that you can maintain clean, clear, and safe water. We recommended checking your hot tub owner’s manual to figure out how to make changes to your filtration cycles. 

Wrapping Up

There are several ways to save on energy bill with your hot tub, but the few ones listed above will make a significant difference. If you have any more questions about how to save money on your hot tub, then give MI Backyard Hot Tubs a call today. We offer hot tub spa repair and maintenance services in the Southeast of Michigan.




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