Hot tubs in Michigan are an essential piece for any getaway home. Soothing bubbles take away the pain of a ski holiday or hard day on the lake. Whether you are creating your ideal cabin or looking to release stress, MI Backyard Hot Tubs, Cottage, and Cabin has you covered with a large selection of Marquis hot tubs.

Are there health benefits to using a hot tub?

Hot tubs have multiple health benefits. Better sleep, stress relief, lower, blood pressure and massage for soreness combine in a single source.

Let the water wash away your pain. A study in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition suggests that the effects of hot tub use are both physiological and behavioral.

Lose weight and feel great

Hot tubs not only relieve stress, but they also help you keep burning calories in the process. Hot water increases body temperature. Burn up to three percent more calories than sitting while letting the bubbles wash away stress.

The combination of exercise, proper diet and hot tubs keeps your fitness levels high enough to lose weight. Hot tubs, in help with sleep, also lower the level of ghrelin in your system, help to suppress food cravings.

What are the impacts of poor sleep?

Improper sleep increases the presence of several chemicals in the brain with detrimental impacts on the rest of the body. Not only are food cravings heightened but leptin and serotonin levels increase your body enters a high-stress survival mode. Chronic insomnia elevates cortisol levels which have the same impact as ghrelin.

If left unchecked, sleep deprivation starts to affect your mitochondria. This makes you 30 percent less capable of dealing with insulin and sugars, heightening your risk for diabetes.

How can a hot tub help me?

Hot water soothes and relaxes. Gently massaging bubbles work on sore tissue to leave you ready for a good night’s sleep.

Some find that soaking in hot water is more effective than taking medications or imbibing in more harmful chemicals such as alcohol. Since many insomniacs report that muscle pain is one of the leading factors contributing to their problem, hot tubs are beneficial in multiple ways.

Improved range of motion

Whether you are sore, sleepless, or suffering from arthritis, range of motion is important. Regular use of hot tubs helps restore lost flexibility by working on stiff join.

Warm water creates hydrostatic pressure. This gradually and gently works to free stuck or frozen limbs.

Hot tubs in Michigan

Skiers, athletes, and those in any form of pain or sleeplessness all benefit from the effects of a hot tub. Let the jets gently massage your sore areas, create many of the same benefits as physical touch, and improve your general health and well-being. Continue to burn calories while feeling your best.

Marquis hot tubs are a leader in style and quality. MI Backyard hot tubs, cottage, and cabin strives to provide the best experience possible with a large selection of these quality products. Get in touch with us today to find out more.


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