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How to Choose a Stain Finish for your Oak Furniture

A lot of work goes into making or purchasing a fine piece of oak furniture and there are some decisions to be made before doing so. One of the key decisions in buying or making a piece of handcrafted wood furniture is the finish. A finish is applied to the wood to protect the material and in some cases, to alter the look. Different types of finish will have different properties concerning their protective ability and how they make the piece look.

Assuming that the piece is going to have a quality finish that provides adequate protection, the primary concern of most consumers is the way that the finish is going to make the wood look. When it comes to the appearance of the material, there are a lot of things that the consumer will need to consider. The style of design in the room can affect the decision. If the piece is going to be in a room that has other pieces of wood furniture, then that is something to consider. The person may be going for a certain type of décor that dictates the choice of stain.

A stain can be applied to accent the natural properties of the oak or it can be used to make the oak look more like a different type of wood. Additionally, many of the darker stains add character, bring out the grain and they can make the wood look a little more aged.

As an example of picking a stain, say you are looking for a piece to put in a room that already has some wood furniture. Of course, you are going to want to select a stain that helps the new piece to fit in with the old ones. If the existing pieces have a light, natural finish, then a piece with a darker stain like cherry will probably look out of place and the same basically works in reverse.

Now, if you are furnishing a room from scratch, then you may have a little more liberty as to which stains will work well. However, you still want to consider certain characteristics of the room itself. What type of flooring does the room have? If the floors are wood, how are they finished? If the room is carpeted, what type and color of carpet is there? Consider the walls and decorative features that may be present in the room.

If you are shopping for wood furniture, most suppliers are going to provide you with a range of options in regard to the stain. Additionally, most furniture makers will also offer samples of the stains to help the consumer choose the right finish for their home. If you are unsure as to which stain will work best for your home, contact the dealer/maker. Most professionals want their customers to be happy and they are usually more than willing to supply samples and offer advice for picking the right stain. Here are the seven stains that The Oak Furniture Shop offers!

Oak Furniture Shop Stain Examples

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