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How To Choose The Right Custom Oak desk For Your Office

Having the right desk can make a significant difference in your office. This is not only true for the way your office looks, but the right desk can promote productivity and make your workspace more comfortable.

While going with a custom oak desk is a good option, there is much more to consider than just the material. In this post, we are going to cover some of the most important points for finding the right oak desk to use in your office.


The amount of space you have will play an important role in finding the right desk for your office. Beyond just thinking about whether the desk will fit the physical dimensions of your office, you also need to consider the amount of space you need to work at the desk. You wouldn’t want to buy a nice oak desk and then find that you barely have enough room for your chair. Measure the space for the desk, and make sure to leave some room so you can sit comfortably.

Type of Work

If you want to find a desk that will serve you well, you need to consider the type of work you do the most. If most of your work involves a desktop PC, you will want to look for features like places to run the wires, space for the CPU and a tray for the keyboard and mouse. For a laptop, you probably won’t need these features, but you may want to consider the height so you can comfortably work from the laptop. If you mostly work on physical documents, then a desk with more surface area would serve you better. That way you can lay out multiple folders, stacks of paperwork and spreadsheets when you are working at your desk.


The storage needs are going to vary from one person to the next. If you do most of your work from a computer and don’t have a great need for other supplies, then you might just need a drawer or two for things like USB drives and a few other items that go with your work. People who do a lot of writing may need drawers for pens, places to store documents and more. If you already have some filing cabinets, you might not need as much storage in your desk.

Comfort & Convenience

You should try to design your workspace to be comfortable and convenient for the type of work you do. Of course, your chair is going to play an important role in comfort and convenience, but you also need to consider your desk. If you work from a computer, you want the screen to be at a good viewing height. The keyboard should also be positioned well for comfortable work. As I mentioned earlier, you want to leave enough clearance behind your chair. If you have drawers or features of the desk you will need to access regularly, it is good have them designed to be easy to reach.


Oak is a versatile material, so you will have a lot of style options when you shop for a custom oak desk. For some people, the type of furniture design will be important because it can affect the style or décor of the office. As an example, if you wanted to go for a look that is a little more classical or antique, you might choose to buy a desk that fits the Queen Anne furniture design style.

If you are shopping for a custom oak desk, you have already made one good decision. Oak is a high-quality material that looks great. All you need to do now is consider the few points we mentioned here to find a desk that will work well for you.

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