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Oak Computer Desks – Keyboard Pullout vs. Drawer

When it comes to home or office furnishings, there’s nothing quite like a hand-built piece of oak furniture. Oak looks great, it is versatile and it is very durable. For the home office, one thing that you need to think about is your choice of computer desk. Of course, you could get a cheap factory piece that will serve the purpose for the time being, but if you value quality, then you should consider an oak computer desk.

When you are shopping for an oak computer desk, you are going to have a lot of options. The first option is the design of the desk itself. Along with that, you also have to choose a stain and whether you want additional pieces of oak furniture, like filing cabinets, to compliment the desk. In addition to that, you need to consider whether you want a keyboard pullout or a drawer.

An oak computer desk will have a compartment under the desk where the consumer will have the choice of a pullout tray for their keyboard or a drawer for storing various office supplies. Each choice has its own benefits and it really depends on how you intend to use the desk as to which option is right for the individual.

The option of a drawer in this place will be good for people that use a laptop in their office instead of a desktop. With a laptop, the keyboard is a part of the device, so there is no need for a place that is specifically designed for keyboard storage and use. The individual can keep the laptop on their desk and use the drawer for storing pens, papers or accessories for the computer.

If you work with a desktop PC, then you are going to want to go with the pullout keyboard tray. The tray allows you to remove the keyboard from the surface of the desk and this frees-up space for situating the monitor, external speakers, the mouse pad and so forth. The keyboard tray actually fits into the drawer space and it comes with a cover that looks like the front of a drawer, so it also provides a nicer look than desks that just have the tray sitting on a track under the desk.

An oak computer desk will look great in any home or office and they come with options that can accommodate almost any PC user. If you are in the market for a handcrafted oak computer desk, check out some of the designs that are available from The Oak Furniture Shop. With different desk designs, a variety of options for stains and the option of keyboard tray or drawer, we have computer desks that can fit almost any office.