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Oak Filing Cabinets vs. Metal Filing Cabinets

When you go shopping for office furniture, there are a lot of things to consider. First, there are a lot of different pieces that you may need depending on the type of work that you do. Then, even when you have it narrowed down to the need for something like a desk or filing cabinet, you still have a lot of options to choose from. When people need filing cabinets, they need to choose a design and they also have to choose a material.
It is very common to find metal filing cabinets in an office. They are a low cost option and they serve the functional purpose. For some people, this may be good enough, but there is something to be said for a set of filing cabinets that are made from solid oak.

One of the ways that oak is better than metal is in the look. Metal cabinets are more of a utilitarian piece and they generally do not look all that impressive. A nice handcrafted piece of oak will look great. Oak furniture can be crafted in many designs and styles and the consumer can choose from different stains to make the piece fit with the rest of the room.

Oak filing cabinets often provide more versatility. With a metal set, you usually get a stack of filing drawers and nothing else. A set of oak filing cabinets may come with integrated shelving and additional drawers for different office supplies. With a set that has these additional features, you not only get a piece that looks nicer, but it will also be more functional.

When it comes to durability, oak is also a great choice of material. Metal filing cabinets can be pretty reliable, but they are easily dented and when they do start to go, they usually need to be replaced. Of course oak can be damaged, but it is very resilient and if it does sustain damage, it can be repaired or restored.

If you are trying to choose between these two materials for your filing cabinets, then there is one more thing to consider. How will the piece mesh with the rest of the room? If you already have some wood furniture, then a set of oak filing cabinets will work well in the room and it will compliment the other pieces. If most of the furnishings are low cost and bought for practical reasons alone, then you may be satisfied with a set of metal cabinets.

The right choice of furniture for the home or office mostly comes down to the preference of the individual. Oak filing cabinets will definitely stand-out more than metal and they will certainly impress any visitors that may stop by, but some offices still have a place for the factory sheet metal pieces. Much of the difference may come down to how the individual views their office. For some people, it is just a workspace, but for others, they want the office to reflect certain qualities that go beyond the work that is being done.