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Queen Anne Vs Mission Style Oak Furniture

When it comes to shopping for furniture, there are a lot of things to consider and this is especially true when it comes to buying pieces that are handcrafted from wood. Solid oak furniture provides the consumer with a lot of style choices. The choice of style often comes down to the look or feel that you are trying to provide and the correct design style is often dictated by the décor of the surrounding room. Two popular design styles that come with oak furniture are the Queen Anne style and the Mission style. While they are both fine choices, they are very different in their look.

The Difference Between Queen Anne & Mission Style

Queen Anne Oak TV Stands & Tables

The Queen Anne is a classic design style that first developed in the early to mid 18th century. It is distinctive for its curved lines and limited ornamentation. Another trademark feature of Queen Anne furniture is the design of the legs. Queen Anne pieces come with cabriole legs that have pad feet.

With the Queen Anne design, the furniture has a real antique sort of feel. With some Queen Anne pieces, there may be some light ornamentation, but part of the idea behind the design is to accent the material and the lines of the piece as a whole. It can be great for homes and rooms where the individual is trying to provide a more classic feel to the environment.

Mission Style Oak TV Stands & Tables

The Mission style is a little more modern and it traces its origins to the turn of the 19th to 20th century. Once again, this is a furniture style where the makers avoid ornamentation and choose to emphasize the material from which the piece is made. Mission style furniture is known for its straight lines and somewhat utilitarian design.

The idea behind Mission style is sort of like a less is more principle. A well-designed piece of Mission furniture will have a look that is both simple and sophisticated. The advantage that Mission has over Queen Anne is that it can fit with a wider variety of furniture types.

With wood furniture, you have a lot of options for style and design. Queen Anne and Mission style are just two of the most popular that consumers will find. Beyond the furniture style, you also have a range of different stains to choose from and a skilled craftsman will also offer the consumer options for things like drawers, shelves and more. Both styles really have their own appeal and it is largely up to the taste of the individual when it comes to deciding which is right for the home.

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