Reclaimed Wood Furniture – Bar Stools & Dining Room Chairs

We hear a lot these days about ‘Eco-Friendly’, or ‘Green’ furniture. Often, the most popular solution to building furniture from these renewable sources is to use ‘Reclaimed’ wood. But what is ‘Reclaimed’ wood, and how do we process it into beautiful furniture?

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In order to answer that question, we need to go back in time, not only a few decades, but more than a century. In the mid to late 1800’s, farms were the life blood of our growing communities and country. As these farmers conquered the land to grow crops, they built barns and out-buildings from the trees that were cut down. Many of the trees that were harvested came from virgin forests, trees that had been growing unhindered for many decades. The wood that came from these trees was of very high quality, far above the standards that we grade lumber today. We refer to this lumber as ‘old growth’.

Now don’t get me wrong, those companies today that harvest lumber do a very good job at managing their forests. We do process a lot of ‘old growth’ that are a couple decades old, and the oak I use in my furniture is very nice. But our lumber is nowhere near the quality of these ‘old growth’ forests from the 1800’s. It is sometimes hard to believe that this lumber of incredible quality was used to build barns, instead of fine furniture, but that is the case!

Fast forward to the 2000’s. So many of these barns are being torn down, the lumber is burned or ends up in a landfill. But not all of it. I came across a small company in Virginia that tears down these barns and processes the lumber to build incredible, rustic pieces of furniture.

Imagine the work that it takes to tear down these barns. Then the lumber has to be cleaned, all nails and bolts have to be removed. As it is planed down these craftsmen are able to separate this treasure into different species. From there, they re-purpose this wood into the pieces that you find on my website.

So, I welcome you to explore the Reclaimed Wood Furniture that I offer from my colleges. They specialize in Reclaimed Wood Bar Stools, Reclaimed Wood Dining Chairs, with a few matching Dining Tables, Bar/Pub Tables, and these unique Living Room Tables.

As with all products on, you will find future heirlooms that your Great-Grand Children are going to Love! You can also look below for a list of some of these products we are offering!

Reclaimed Wood Furniture