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Why Northern Wisconsin Red Oak For My Furniture?

So, you just purchased a flat panel TV, and you are looking for that perfect TV cabinet. As you are searching online, you come across my site where you find a vast selection of solid wood oak TV cabinets. You are impressed with the choices in size, design, and all the oak corner TV Stands. Then you notice that all my furniture is constructed with Northern Wisconsin Red Oak. Why do I make such a big fuss about where my lumber comes from?
First, I must admit that I am biased. I was born and raised in Northern Wisconsin and my shop is located in Northern Wisconsin. If you have never visited this area, you are missing one of the most beautiful areas of our country. However, the reason I push my Northern Wisconsin Red Oak does go deeper.

There are hundreds of species of oak in the world. The most popular (and abundant) oak you will find in US made furniture is Appalachian Oak. This is a fine wood, a lot of quality furniture is made with this wood. However, when you look closely you will notice that this species of wood has very wide grain patterns and a lot of mineral streaks. The reason is very simple, the climate where these trees grows is very warm. The faster trees grow, the wider the grain patterns. Simple as that. Also, there is a lot of mineral in the ground, thus you have dark mineral streaks!

It is just the opposite in Northern Wisconsin. We have much colder weather, oak trees grow much slower. Slower growth equals tighter grain patterns. Tighter grain patterns equals less stress in the wood. Also, the wood is not as brittle. In addition, we have much less mineral in the ground. That gives us much fewer mineral streaks and more consistent color.

Northern Wisconsin Red Oak is a beautiful wood. As you are looking for your next Solid Oak Furniture purchase consider not only who is making your furniture, but also where the Oak in your furniture was harvested.

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